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The Tatras Winter Mountaineering Courses



Winter in the Tatra Mountains provides one of the most challenging mountaineering, be it walking or climbing. Conditions can take on an Arctic ferocity and the hardest mixed (ice/rock), climbs achieved anywhere in the world have been accomplished there. The mountain range offer an adventurous and stimulating challenge to everyone – regardless of age, sex or experience. Spectacular ridge traverses, big walls, classic gully icefalls – it is all there!


Winter in the Tatra Mountains provides one of the most challenging mountaineering


The course


The course is designed to equip you to travel in the winter mountain environment confidently – irrespective of your particular climbing/walking objective. All courses therefore cover the relevant topics of:










A couple of days scrambling or climbing tuition are combined with an informal and relaxing approach (very few students manage a six day course without a rest day). Instructor:student ratios are never greater than 1:6 fot absolutely winter beginners and 1:2 for mountaineers with the group as a whole consisting of 2 instructors and 4 students. Most of our courses will be done in the Gasienicowa Valley and Morskie Oko region as a part of great Biala Woda Valley. In the evenings there will be short slide illustrated lectures on more theoretical aspects such as avalanches, weather etc.


The course is designed to equip you to travel in the winter mountain environment confidently


Courses start every Monday and finish Sunday afternoon/evening and last from the mid of Dec. till the mid of April. If you wish, you do have the option to stay on in the hut longer just for fun.The Tatras Ice Climbing




The Tatras Winter Skills








The Ice Climbing and Winter Mountaineering courses will operate for nearly two and half months begining on Monday 8th January and runing through until Sunday 15th April. The Winter Summits and some of the Winter Skills corses will operate from the mid of December untill the mid of April nearly.


All courses are based on full days instruction and nights full-board accommodation. You should arrive at Balice (or Pyrzowice) Airport on Saturday – than we will help you to get to Zakopane and to the hut. The course will commence Sunday morning running through until the following Friday.  Accommodation and meals will be provided from Saturday evening until the following Friday evening.




TMurowaniec Huthe courses will be based mostly at the huts “Morskie Oko” and “Murowaniec” in the High Tatras for the Winter Skills and Winter Summits courses and the hut in Biala Woda Valley for the the Ice Climbing courses. All bed linen and quilts are provided so you do not need to bring sleeping bags for use in the huts except for the hut in Biala Woda Valley. The accommodation is on a “full board” basis and all meals including packed lunches are provided.

There is a large dining room, sitting room, bathrooms with clothes and drying facilities in each of the huts. You will need to bring your own bath towel and toiletries. There is a payphone in the huts and calls can be received and outgoing calls made.




You will have to make your own travel arrangements to Poland and then to the right place. There's no problem to get to Zakopane from the Balice (near Cracow) or Pyrzowice (near Katowice) Airport. If you choose the “Okecie” Airport (Warsaw) you will have to take a train to Cracow.

A bus is used for all transport on the course.




You must be adequately insured for cancellation in case of injury or illness when you book onto one of our Winter Courses.




To book for any of the Winter Courses, complete the booking form (formularz zgłoszeniowy) and return it to us with a deposit of 10% the total cost. The balance will be payable two weeks prior to the commencement of the course. If you are booking within two weeks of the commencement of the course, the full course fee should be sent with your booking form.


Previous Experience


If you have any please list this on your booking form. The course will initially ascertain your present level of fitness, basic ability and aspirations and then proceed accordingly,


Absolute beginners and E7 climbers welcome!


The High Tatras


Inclusive of: Instruction and specialist equipment


Group discount available – please mail for details!




I do ask you to supply your own ice tools (axes and crampons), ski poles warm hill clothing in addition to boots, a helmet and a harness - although given sufficient warning I can probably most bits and pieces for loan. A detailed kit list will be sent with booking confirmations.

All specialist equipment – ropes, leader sets, ice tubes etc are supplied.


The following is a list of equipment which you will require for the courses:


Climbing Equipment 

  • Ice Axe & Ice Hammer

Drop picks are best for the ice climbing course. For the Winter Skills and Winter Summits courses, ordinary curved axes will be suitable. Make sure they have wrist loops. A hammer is not required for the Winter Summits course.  

  • Crampons

These should be of the step in kind, although old style strap ones are acceptable for the Winter Summits course. Make sure you have a repair kit and file for sharpening.  

  • Harness

A harness is required for all the courses and for convenience you should be able to put it on or take it off whilst wearing plastic/leather boots and crampons. You should also have one locking carabiner for your harness and another one for your belay-abseiling device.


You should also bring the following mountain equipment: 

  • plastic/leather boots
  • leather walking boots
  • rucksack
  • climbing helmet
  • goretex jacket
  • goretex trousers or salopettes/bibs
  • fleece jacket
  •  fleece trousers or salopettes/bibs
  • thermal underwear
  • gaiters
  • socks
  • fleece lined mitts
  • finger gloves

As a general guideline, bring plenty of socks and a change of thermals if you have them. Although there are clothes washing and drying facilities at the huts, it is best not to rely too heavily on them.


Personal Equipment

  • towel
  • washing kit
  • plastic sandwich box
  • thermos flask
  • water bottle
  • a compas

Linen and quilts are provided at the huts, and you do not need to bring as sleeping bag (except for the Ice Climbing courses).


See you then





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